We are creators of Virtual Reality software based in Manchester, UK. Building unforgettable experiences around specific products & locations or training & education. Put VR to work for you.


Bring a new dimension to your visitors, entertain and attract new audiences with fully immersive experiences across any topic or subject matter. VR takes interactivity and engagement to new levels of what's possible, experiences make more of an impression and last longer in the minds of visitors.


Interact with your products in new ways with Product-Driver Virtual Reality. Create a virtual world of experiences around your products for low-end Google Cardboard to high-end Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Introduce experiences to drive product adoption and increase product recognition.

Historic town experience in VR


Introduce subjects in new ways, and experience topics in the first person. Visit a 16th century harbour for history, fly round the solar system, see the world, the universe, the bottom of the sea or the inside of a single cell. Virtual Reality experiences are not limited by size, scope or scale - they really can take you anywhere and be used to teach anything through experiences.

Train & Assess

Bring training to life, and see how well knowledge is retained. VR can replicate any scenario that would be too costly, too unsafe or too impractical to recreate including Fire Safety, Hazard Awareness, Medical Procedures, Heavy Machinery Training, and much more. Assessment programmes can monitor many different aspects of the VR experience, with automated reporting and feedback from real-world, true-to-life experiences.

Fire safety training in VR
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Virtual Reality is a new frontier in realistic, memorable, engaging experiences and at Attract VR we are specialists in using it well across its many different use cases. There are significant benefits to using VR for a number of reasons, and we will help you get the biggest returns, largest audiences and most significant cost savings from any VR deployment.

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